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Our Philosophy

The Montessori Method

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Digital technology is revolutionizing learning, be part of the revolution!

Apply Montessori principles at home

Here are a few games to practice Montessori activities on a daily basis:

  • Find geometric shapes around the house and during outings
  • Play “I spy” in the car to play with phonics
  • Count spoons in the drawer

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Be with your child the first time

We believe that mobile technology is a powerful tool and should not only be considered as “individual”.  To turn learning into a fun moment, share the experience with your child, help them create their profile…  We’ve even thought of multiplayer games!

Choose the right app for your child using our filter

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Each child is different and should be allowed to learn at his/her own pace and not according to age or school year.  Our apps teach fundamental concepts rather than grade specific content. To find just the right apps for your child, use our 4 criteria filter: subject/category, age, language and stand-alone app or bundle.

Discover the pedagogy behind each activity

Each one of our math and language apps include a very detailed «Note to parents» explaining the objective and progression of each piece of Montessori material used in the app. An extract of this note is available here for each app.  Inside the apps, this section is protected by a multiplication because it contains live internet links.

Experiment by making mistakes

Making mistakes, understanding and correcting them makes the learning process stronger.  Your child must experiment to understand and learn and our apps are designed with auto-corrective Montessori activities for this purpose.  Let your child touch the screen, explore the different scenes; we’ve hidden surprises – isn’t that the magic of digital technology?


Digital technology is revolutionizing learning, be part of the revolution!

Adapt the level of the apps to each one of your pupils

Our apps include our unique Progressive Dynamic Algorithm that allows each user to seamlessly progress through the levels created by our trained teachers.   For an even more individual approach, we have designed “Advanced settings” allowing you to turn on/off parts of the app to adapt to each child.  When the advanced settings are turned on, they override the Progressive Dynamic Algorithm.

Benefit from a 100 year old pedagogy

100 years ago Maria Montessori revolutionized education.  Today, mobile technology is a game changer and our apps ally the best of both!  To find out more on the Montessori Method, click here.

Contact us for a demo in your school

We are very aware that App Stores are like jungles and that it takes time to go through all the content available.  We are always available to answer any question you have about our content or regarding technology implementation.  Simply, fill out this form by clicking here.

Decide to become a beta-testing class

If you would like to beta-test our apps in your class, send us an email at

Exploit the benefits of technology with SEN children

When we design our apps, we do so with every child in mind.  Our tutorials, our step-by-step approach and our Progressive Dynamic Algorithm enable children to learn at a simple and natural pace to each and every one of them.  Moreover, our settings allow for the music and the timer to be turned off in the games.


We guarantee our apps can be used by your children safely.

  • The content of our apps is designed for kids under 13 (excepted Montessori Math Challenge giving access to in-app and destinated to all public). They cannot buy content while playing with our apps.
  • The data of the game are not saved and we won’t ask you personnal information.
  • A parent page access is restricted by an operation. This page enables you to access to the app description in order to better understand the possibilities of the game and the Montessori method. Some links drive you to the AppStore.
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